Fully Managed Shared Hosting

Completely different than our competitors shared web hosting, where accounts compete for resources and all operate from the same IP address (bad for SEO and bad for email marketing) - we've reinvented shared hosting the way it should be. KnownHost managed shared hosting means every account gets dedicated resources exclusively for their use, separate IPv6 addresses for a big marketing advantage and the finest server admin team assembled anywhere.

The perfect combination of free bundled features and high performance hardware, all of which are fully managed by our USA technical team. Enjoy FREE backups, migrations and Softaculous 1-click installer - all standard.

We've built an ultra-high performance cloud infrastructure and placed our managed shared hosting squarely on top of it. That's right - we've created a redundant cloud infrastructure and built our shared hosting environments on top of that. You get the peace of mind that comes with failover, backups, and hundreds of plan-rather-than-fail advantages. Enjoy!

Business Ultimate Web Hosting Classic RM399

per year

Premium RM599

per year

Ultimate RM899

per year

Ultra RM999

per year

Free .com Doimain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free SSL Secure Certificates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Diskspace 10GB 20GB 50GB 100GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Harddisk Type SuperFast SSD SuperFast SSD SuperFast SSD SuperFast SSD
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Softaculous Auto Installer Yes Yes Yes Yes
JetBackup - Daily Up To 14 Days Yes Yes Yes Yes
Snapshop Backup Per Hour Yes Yes Yes Yes
CloudLinux - Virtualized Environment Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi Php Version Yes Yes Yes Yes
MariaDB with Mysql Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Server Location Singapore Singapore Singapore Singapore
Price RM399/year RM599/year RM899/year RM999/year
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Solid-State Drive


Hard Disk Drive

MaIn advantag

icon icon
Price Much more expensive Much more economical
Capacity Betweem 256 GB and 1TB 1 TO 10 TB
Data transfer Betweem 200 and 550MB/S Between 50 and 150 MB/s
Durability Can be rewitten a limited number of tims Mechaical parts that can be damaged by moving
Siz. and shapes 2.5",3.5" 3.5"
Noise Quieter because thre are no moving parts Something noisier because having moving parts
Consumption Low Higher
Starting time 7 Seconds 16 Seconds
Affected by magnetism No Magnetism can remove data
Vibrations It doesn't vibrate because it doesn't have moving partses The moving parts can cause slight vibracioness
Fragmentation No May occur
Premium Hardware

Premium Hardware

All server hardware utilized by Shock Hosting is owned and maintained by us! We only use the latest hardware available on the market

JetBackup Backups

JetBackup Backups

All cPanel accounts are backed up every evening, ensuring that a copy of your account data is always secure and readily available.

JetBackup Backups

Automatic Script Installer

Softaculous is preloaded onto each and every cPanel account. This script installer allows you to quickly and easily install over 300 scripts!

JetBackup Backups

CloudLinux Operating System

CloudLinux is used to provide each cPanel with a virtual "caged" environment, delivering both security, reliability and performance.

JetBackup Backups

Free SSL Certificates

Get a free Comodo SSL certificate for all of your domains.

JetBackup Backups

DDoS Protection

Our network is fully protected against volumetric DDoS attacks. We stirve to provide the best uptime possible and having DDoS protection helps to ensure that happens.

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