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First things first, register your domain name as soon as you think of it. Thousands of new websites are being registered every day and there is a good chance that someone might have the same brilliant idea as you.

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Hot Selling Domain TLDs

Websites with .MY domain name will get higher priority or ranking points when keywords related to Malaysia or local are being searched at search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. More premium domain name choices still available for registration when compared to TLD like .com, .net & etc.


For Personal or Business to represent your website

RM 58.00 /Year

(First Year & Renewal)


For Personal or Business to represent your website

RM 58.00 /Year

(First Year & Renewal)

.com .my

For Personal or Business to represent your website

RM 85.00 /Year

(First Year & Renewal)


For Personal or Business to represent your website

RM 120.00 /Year

(First Year & Renewal)


Domain Extension New / Renew / Transfer (1 year)
.com RM 58
.net RM 58
.org RM 58
.co RM 160
.cc RM 120
.asia RM 90
.com.my RM 85
.net.my RM 85
.org.my RM 85
.my RM 120

We suggest registering all forms of domain names; .com, .net, .com.my and .my. The last thing you need is someone else registering your domain with .net, .com.my or .my. and creating brand confusion. It’s a small price to pay for domain name security.

Why Choose . My Domain Name?

Malaysia Identity

Immediately be identifed as a Malaysian Organization or individual, proud to be a Malaysian!


.MY is becoming popular and in many cases the default choice for Malaysia related organizations and individuals.


One can easily submit the order. We on our part have made life easier for you by accepting online payment options. The hallmark of our services lies in the quick domain approvals. Mostly it is within 24 hrs. One can go through the registration tables and pricing terms given below.


The domain transfer process is certainly not easy. Anyone who is keen to do the job will require an authorization code, which is often referred to as the EPP Key. A general domain name must be there for a period in excess of two months. It should also never fall to expiry. The domain name also needs to be unlocked. You can contact us for further expert help on this matter.


Domain Prices(1year) Notes
.my RM 120 All Organization & Individual – Read Below for Organization & Individual Supporting Document. Registration is open to everyone (Individual, Companies, Non-Profit Orgnizations, Educational Instituition & Government Ministry / Department / Agency / Military)
.com.my .net.my RM 85 Organization (Company only) – Certification by Registrar of Companies (ROS/ROB):
Borang 9 (Syarikat Sendirian)
Borang 13 (Pertukaran Nama Syarikat)
Borang 19 (Pertukaran Menjadi Syarikat Persendirian)
Borang 83 (Foreign Company)
Borang 83A (Change of Name of A Foreign Company)
Borang 8 (Syarikat Awam)
Borang B (Enterprises)
Borang D (Enterprises)
Our system now connects on-line to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). No supporting document required for Private Limited (Sdn Bhd) / Public company (Berhad) registered with SSM
.org.my RM 85 Organization (Non-Profit Organisation only) – Certification by Registrar of Societies (ROS):
Borang 3 Peraturan 5 Peraturan 7(1) (Menukar Nama)
Peraturan 7(4) (Kebenaran Penubuhan Cawangan)
Official Establishment Certificate of Association / Club / Society / Charitable / Trust / Board
.edu.my .gov.my .mil.my RM 85 Organization (Private / Government only) – Official Request Letter (Relevant only):
School / College / University – Principal / Directors / Chansellors (Private Instituition must provide Borang 9). All Government schools, Government-aided schools, Polytechnics, MRSM, MARA, IPTA, IPTS are eligible. Applications from Kindergardens & Pre-Schools will be reviewed manually. Private tuition schools are not allowed to apply.
Government Ministry / Department / Agency – Minister / Department Head / Officer (Refer to Sample Letter in Our Download Section). Other Government-linked Organization application will be reviewed manually.
City / Town Council – City Mayor / Chief
Military – Ministry of Defence’s Department or Agency (Private Security / Military Contractor are not allowed to register)
.name.my RM 99 Strictly for Malaysian Citizens only:
MyKAD / Identity CardMaximum 8 Domains Limit only per person. Malaysian Non-Citizen (Migrate) & Foreign Citizens (Passport) are not allowed to apply. Minimum age: 18 & Above.


Domain Registration Approval

Anyone who has completed the above steps will receive an approval notice and domain password.

The Document

You will then have to submit the supporting documents alongside. You have the option of scanning them or sending it via mail or fax.

The Payment

The payments are certainly a key factor. We on our part have made life easier for you by accepting online payments.

Domain Registration Approval

Anyone who has completed the above steps will receive an approval notice and domain password.


We offer 24hr domain approval and website owners, who are eager to avail the service can go through the supporting document. It offers an insight into the required terms, registration and eligibility. One can certainly contact us for more details.

MY Domain Billing Cycle

You Ask, We Answer

Get more information about the transfer process and prepare the needed info such as domain transfer code. You can also request for our Telegram team for assistance.

We also strongly recommend you avoid domain transfer within the first 45 days of renewing your domain with another provider after expiration (as the renewed year might not be eligible for the new registrar shift).

If you do not have the login, you can request a form from us, fill it up and send back to us. We will followup with MYNIC to send the login to you.

For Generic TLDs (such as .com, .info, .club, etc.), the remaining time that you have with your current registrar will not be lost, it gets carried over. Plus, your domain will be renewed for one year as part of the transfer.

If you renew your domain name after the domain has expired, you will need to wait 45 days after the expiration date before you can transfer. Otherwise, you may lose the renewal year that you paid for with the previous registrar.

When it comes to country-code extensions (.tw, .sg, .cc, etc.), each Registry may set its own rules.

Yes, you can. To do this, unlock the domain with your current Registrar and get the Auth/EPP code from them. Once you have the code, submit the transfer. Please contact our Telegram Team if you require further assistance.

When you transfer your domain, the remaining time you had left with your old registrar is automatically included. The 1 year you register for with Shinjiru is added on top. Extra renewals can be done after you have transferred.

If you are hosting the DNS for the domain on your own or with a web hosting company, your DNS or domain nameservers will be transferred over. There shouldn’t be any downtime for the domain.