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Private High-Performance Network

Deliver the Best User Experience, Worldwide

SYNCTECH proprietary, multi-homed network was created from the ground up to satisfy the requirements of the most data-intensive industries and disparate technologies. It provides all customers with 1.5 Tbps capacity from the U.S. through Europe to Asia. The SYNCTECH network also integrates a balanced mix of proprietary channels, private peering, and partnerships with major Tier-1 upstream providers to ensure seamless transmission of your information assets. Multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) geographically distributed throughout three continents guarantee optimized routing of traffic down the fastest, uncluttered paths to avoid network bottlenecks.

Network Features and Benefits

Built-in Redundancy

No hardware lasts forever. To address hardware glitches before they happen and lessen their impact on the network and our customers, we have taken significant proactive measures. All of our critical routers have dual-RE setup, and we provide Graceful Routing Engine Switchover (GRES) as well as Nonstop active routing (NSR) to ensure completely hitless switchover during any possible RE failure. Our Power Entry Modules are also connected to different power feeds, and 100% redundant.

Robust Network Structure

Our network is fully MPLS-based, providing you with flexibility, resiliency and security. MPLS-TE helps us to accommodate traffic growth and avoid full intra-network traffic congestion. Additionally, we have peering relationships with major providers, offloading traffic when required, and ensuring that we provide the best quality for our customers.

Unparalleled Monitoring

We provide comprehensive monitoring of the network 24/7/365. The monitoring capabilities include both resource availability as well as our own proprietary monitoring system, which in conjunction with MPLS-TE, involves each PoP monitoring other PoPs. This service provides alarms on any abnormalities and service degradation, which are outside the functionality of typical monitoring systems. We also collect information from the edge routers to analyze bottlenecks and reroute traffic as needed. Our DDoS monitoring enables us to quickly report attacks to our NOC. We are able to identify DDoS attack vectors and blackhole them, while filtering traffic at the edge, so a customer’s clean traffic can flow through uninterrupted.

SYNCTECH Private High-Performance Network

Take advantage of our private multi-homed IP backbone that spans multiple PoPs across three continents. Our network has been designed to provide you with the lowest latency, fewest hops and highest performance.

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