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Whether you are considering a shared web server or personal, the best services are offered by Syntech. We are trustworthy resources for the best data center Malaysia. You can rely on us and our main motto is to offer the best in terms of data privacy, security, and integrity. Our services are best valued for customers who look to achieve the best of results without burning a hole in the pocket. We are the perfect webserver Malaysia option where you get the best security against DDoS attacks. We have server backups, flexible packages, and proven uptime. Moreover, our tested internal security programs will allow for better data encryption and protection against hacking attacks. Our server located at New Tech Park in Lorong Chuan, Singapore, is the ONLY Internet Data Center facility in Singapore. The Singapore facility is currently providing more than 700 square meters of data center space with plans for future expansion. The facility increases Synchosts capacity to consistently provide a high level of service for all of its customers throughout the region.

Server Conditions

Physical Maintenance:
  • Anti-static raised flooring
Fire-Suppression System:
  • FM200 (gas based) for collocation, electrical switch and UPS areas
  • Pre-action dry sprinkler system as secondary system
  • 1 to 2 hr fire rated partition walls
  • Environmental monitoring / alarm system for DC support systems
  • Multiple CRAC units with water leak detection system
  • Auto changeover control in all areas
  • Redundant chiller systems and chilled water pumps, with backup chilled water supply from the building
Power Supply:
  • Dual power feed from building
  • Dual isolation transformers, surge arrestors and digital power meters
  • Redundant UPS system (approximately 15 mins backup time)
  • Dual bus topology all the way to the racks
  • Redundant generator sets with 700 liter day tank and automated sync panel supplying backup power
Security and Support:
  • Premises are monitored 24 x 7 by CCTV with DVR and front and roving security
  • Entrances secured by VeriID fingerprint reader and HID proximity card reader
  • Mantrap in main entry and all doors are steel clad

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