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Resolving the ‘MySQL Extension Not Found’ Error After Upgrading to PHP 8 in WordPress

  • Aug 9 2023

Understanding the Issue

When hosting a WordPress site with a reputable Malaysia Web Hosting service like SYNCTECH, you might encounter challenges post-upgrading your cPanel to PHP 8. A prevalent issue is the “MySQL Extension Not Found” error. This arises due to the removal of the older mysql_* functions in PHP 7, rendering them unavailable in PHP 8. Although WordPress and many plugins have transitioned to the mysqli extension, some setups, especially older ones, might still face this error.

Tailored Solutions for SYNCTECH and Malaysia Web Hosting Users

  1. Update WordPress and Plugins/Themes: Ensure you’re using the latest versions. When hosting with SYNCTECH, a leading Malaysia Web Hosting provider, it’s crucial to keep all components updated. Don’t forget to back up your site before initiating any updates.
  2. Manual Configuration via php.ini:
  • Locate your php.ini file, typically in your server’s root directory.
  • Open the file using a text editor.
  • Find the ;extension=mysqli line and remove the semicolon to enable the mysqli extension.
  • Save the file and restart your web server.
  1. Switch to PHP 7.4 Temporarily: If you encounter persistent issues, consider using PHP 7.4 for a while. This version offers recent PHP updates without the compatibility challenges of PHP 8. You can later upgrade to PHP 8 once you’ve tackled the issues.
  2. Check cPanel’s PHP Extensions: In the cPanel provided by your Malaysia Web Hosting service, navigate to the PHP version manager. Ensure that the mysqli extension is enabled.
  3. Reach Out to SYNCTECH: As a dedicated user of SYNCTECH, don’t hesitate to seek their expert guidance. They can offer insights and solutions tailored to their server configurations.


Opting for PHP 8 with a leading Malaysia Web Hosting provider like SYNCTECH offers a plethora of benefits. By following the steps mentioned above, you can navigate challenges such as the “MySQL extension not found” error, ensuring a seamless and efficient hosting experience.